Welcome to FlowStates DevOps Consulting Services.

We’ve spent over 20 years working in large financial institutions.  Creating effective delivery services was a daunting task.   Significant regulatory constraints, heterogeneous technologies, and sprawling, outdated infrastructure are the norm.  Culture and behavior are deeply embedded.  Numerous mergers create competing cultures and sub-cultures.

Yet in the face of this, we were able to create truly effective software delivery services.

We came to realize that “Flow” epitomizes why we’ve been successful.  We created and enabled states of flow.

We break down barriers between teams, between ideas, between behaviors, between cultures, between risk and governance bodies, and between technologies.  We’ve been able to massively scale automated delivery services for hundreds of applications.

Ultimately, in each case, it can simply be expressed as “we enabled flow”.

To become leaders in their industries, our clients must learn to remove as much friction as possible from every direction.  There are multiple dimensions of “flow” to create and friction to remove.

So, what is FlowStates?  It’s being in the zone.  It is frictionless teamwork.  It is harnessing automation properly.  It is creating conditions which allow teams to continuously collaborate with a single focus – optimizing the business value chain.  Move the right ideas as quickly as possible from concept to ROI.

Here at FlowStates we can help you find and harness your delivery flow.  Together, we can optimize the way you quickly move business value from idea to customer, across the entire delivery value chain, and dominate your industry.

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